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Welsh Gold

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About Welsh Gold...

Did you know?  Gwynfynydd Gold Mine is near Ganllwyd, DolgellauGwynedd, Wales. The lode, which was discovered in 1860, was worked from 1884. It has produced more than 45,000 troy ounces of Welsh gold until mining ceased in 1998. The equivalent of 1,400 kg (£44,871,642 on 2017 markets). In April 1986, Queen Elizabeth II was presented with a kilogram of Welsh gold from the mine to celebrate her 60th birthday.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Why do we offer Welsh Gold?

We love the idea of RARE.  That's why the thought of RARE Tanzanite, especially, set in RARE  Welsh Gold offers our clients even more options and exclusivity. 

Working closely with a well respected company that was founded back in 1971 and who purchased all the last remaining stocks of Welsh Gold mined from the Gwynfynydd Mine, Dolgellau when under the control of Sir Mark Weinberg, we are now in a privileged position to be able to offer the most precious of metals to you.  

Our Welsh Gold jewellery incorporates Rare Welsh Gold with the TFJ hallmark and Dragon stamp to denote the presence of pure Welsh gold within your jewellery.

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Welsh Gold
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