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Our take on the "Moi et Toi" ring (meaning 'you and me' in French).  Set here with a 6x4 Citrine and a 6x4 mm Amethyst in Sterling Silver.  Prices from £85.


(the picture of the Emerald and Diamond ring was the Moi et Toi ring engagement ring of Jackie Kennedy!)


The history of the Toi et Moi ring is long and rich and dates back to the 18th century, when Napoleon Bonaparte presented his bride-to-be, Josephine, with an engagement ring featuring two pear-shaped stones, a blue sapphire and a white diamond set in gold. Napoleon's family fiercely opposed the union as Josephine was a widow with children from her previous marriage and six years older than Napoleon. Engaged for a mere two weeks before they married in 1796, Napoleon left the country days later to lead the French army to their victorious invasion of Italy. He was crowned Emperor of France in 1804, Josephine his Empress, but divorced a few years later as she was unable to bear more children, though they reportedly remained devoted to each other. In 2013 Empress Josephine's Toi et Moi ring made the news, when it was auctioned in France, selling for close to $1 million, thanks to its outstanding provenance.


We can also custom make this design for you......

Prices vary dependent on the following:

  • gemstone/s used
  • metal used (sterling silver or gold or platinum)
  • carat weight
  • If Tanzanite, the grade used
  • If Diamonds, the grade used


In the first instance, please contact us to discuss your own personal requirements.  Lead times can vary from 3 to 6 weeks dependent on our current work commitments.

Citrine and Amethyst ring set in Sterling Silver Moi et Toi

  • If you have agreed and accepted a CAD image for your order, we will not accept returns on custom-made jewellery.

  •  Our fine gemstone jewellery can be INDEPENDENTLY certified for you at AnchorCert Gem Lab at The Birmingham Assay Office. In the first instance please contact me for a price to do this. Prices vary from £50 to £250 depending on the gemstone and the carat weight.

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