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Repairs, Restoration & Family Gold

working at our jewellery work bench

Repairs & Restoration...

If your jewellery is broken or worn out, we can repair or restore it for you.


Sizing rings to fit, replacing, sourcing and hand-setting missing gemstones, repairing chains, and restoring antique jewellery to its former glory, such as re-tipping claws (as seen is the picture opposite)

Mended claws on a diamond solitaire ring
A pile of gold jewellery
Family Gold...

Do you have any old or broken jewellery lying around ?

Maybe you have some special sentimental pieces that you inherited and would like to turn into something new that you can wear every day and cherish.

Perhaps you have some gemstones you would like set into your wedding ring?  or made into pendants for various members of your family?

Example of engraving
Diamond wedding ring full circle of diamonds

Hand engraving

Example of letter engraving
Example of engraving

looking to engrave a special item?  We hand engrave almost anything.  Bracelets, rings, watches. 


Musical instruments, a trumpet perhaps or your telecaster scratch plate as we show in these pictures. Medical equipment that is special to you.

Chris, our Master Jeweller has over 20 years experience and as you can see from these examples his work is truly phenomenal!

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