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This ring is a HANDMADE item and delivery will be 5 weeks.

Onpurchasing this item, please provide the ring size you require. 

Wecan post to you FREE of charge a ring sizer, should you need one.


Product: Ring



Gemstone: Natural Garnet



Stone Size: 4MM Side Stone 6MM Centre Stone



Dimension: All Sizes are Available



Colour: Same as Image



Treatments: Natural



Garnet activates and balances the Root Chakra, detoxifies the blood, and keeps the heart healthy. Garnet benefits are innumerable. It enhances the strength of the spleen, and lungs, and cures injuries to the spine. It also reduces depression and as per ancient beliefs, the Garnet stone protects the wearer from poison.


Rich Red Garnet Flower ring in 9k Gold

SKU: 1421402266
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